Fountainhead New York is a multi faceted high end Tattoo Shop and Retailer located 30 minutes east of NYC in Huntington Village, Long Island.

We come from a long history of traditional tattoo lineage and we hold our craft very sacred and very close to our hearts. All of our artists are fully devoted and expend every effort in their own individual pursuit of excellence and artistry.

Our devotion to our own craft has led to an appreciation and respect for fine craftsmanship across multiple industries  inspiring us to curate a small batch collection of goods from multiple brands and partners that share the same passion for what they produce and we do.


Our purpose is to be a haven for the arts . An interactive and inspiring space where every job, large or small, receives meticulous attention from conception to completion.

We exist at the cross-section of art and timeless style. From world-class custom tattooing to Original Art and Giclée prints, Clothing, Accessories, and Handmade jewelry, we strive to offer the finest and nothing less.

Passion for craftsmanship, integrity, and originality is in our blood.

"The Creator Lives For Their Work"


Matt Beckerich


Matt Beckerich has spent the vast majority of his life and time pursuing his passion for art. With over 20 years of full-time professional tattoo experience, he has gained world-wide recognition and has refined a tattoo style that is unique and recognizable. He is most known for his modern interpretation of traditional Japanese style and traditional American style tattooing. Born on Long Island, Matt grew up drawing and painting from a very early age. At 16 years old, he began a traditional tattoo apprenticeship under Angelo Miller of Inksmith & Rogers,and by 17 (1999) he was fully immersed and tattooing full-time. He spent 6 years (1999-2005) tattooing in North Carolina and traveling between Miami, New York, and Hawaii. In 2005 he moved back to back to New York to expand artistic growth and work alongside some of the best tattooers of that era. Matt spent the following 13 years based out of Long Island and SoHo Manhattan. During this period he traveled the world extensively, tattooing in many countries throughout Europe, The Americas, New Zealand and the South Pacific. In 2016 Matt Co-Founded Neversleep Publishing and curated/published Tattooing’s Guide to Symbolism - Cor Mysterium Vol. 1. Featuring artwork and commentary from 200 of the worlds most prolific and iconic tattooers, this book has become a staple in any collectors library. Matt has also starred in the Netflix series ‘Tattoo Redo’ where he can be seen tattooing start to finish pieces and having some discussion about the process. Matt co-founded Fountainhead with Phil Szlosek in 2019 with the vision of creating an inspiring space to call home, in a bustling neighborhood where the staff and clients alike feel comfortable, creative, and at peace.



Phil Szlosek


Phil began his tattoo career through a traditional apprenticeship in South Florida in 2007, eventually finding a home in Jacksonville at one of the most highly respected traditional shops in the industry- Inksmith & Rogers. There he gained experience and tutelage from tattoo legends Mike Wilson and Angelo Miller. After 5 years of building his traditional tattoo foundation in Jacksonville, he wanted to expand his horizons and took an opportunity to join the ranks in New York City (2012). While in NYC, Phil was able to develop new skills and refine his tattooing into a very unique and sophisticated style. Throughout his career, Phil has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Europe. His time tattooing in England, Scotland, Italy and the Netherlands has given him life experience which has shaped his artistic growth as well as his character. His illustrative abilities are highly advanced and his tattoo style is versatile and refined. In 2019 he co-founded Fountainhead alongside long-time friend Matt Beckerich. Thus, giving him the opportunity to further expand his already diverse style of illustrative black and grey, realism, and traditional American tattooing.



Justin Morcillo


Justin has been tattooing since 2012 and has an extremely well rounded and diverse style. His rare ability to effortlessly illustrate any design imaginable is truly unique and special. With a foundation in Traditional American and Japanese art, he brings an unmistakable unique flavor to every piece that is sure to never go out of style. As his passion for the craft grew, he traveled worldwide seeking to further his artistic growth. Justin truly devotes himself to any project large or small, bringing joy to the collector for a lifetime.



Jordan Baxter


Jordan has been tattooing since 2011 all starting in London, England. From there he moved to Australia, followed by Dallas TX, before moving to New York for the next step in his outstanding run as an exceptional artist. Working in busy street shops his entire career has allowed Baxter to develop skills in all styles of tattooing. Enjoying fine-line black and grey, large scale Japanese and American Traditional - Jordans ultimate goal for any project he attacks is to make the client happy, and create tattoos that remain solid and like new for a lifetime.



Kyley O'Rourke


Kyley is a Long Island native that has been tattooing since 2008. She is well-rounded and diverse in style and specializes in all things American traditional. Kyley finds beauty in classic designs rooted with deep history and bright, bold color palettes. She continues to push the boundaries of these timeless designs into more modern, refined and illustrative tattoos, all while staying true to the core values that make a tattoo last a lifetime.



Guest Artists


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