Embracing Fall with Men's Top Brands: Ironheart, RRL, and Taylor Stitch

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As the gentle caress of summer's warmth fades and we witness leaves turning shades of amber and russet, it's evident that the season of pumpkin lattes, fireplaces, and cozy evenings is upon us. For the modern man, fall also means transitioning into a wardrobe that doesn’t just keep him warm, but does so with style. This season, some of the most revered names in men's fashion are leading the charge: Ironheart, RRL, and Taylor Stitch. We'll be carrying a selection of each of these brands in our retail storefront - come try some on. 

1. Ironheart: The Rugged Renaissance

Built on a foundation of crafting impeccable workwear, Ironheart is synonymous with quality. This fall, they're rolling out an inventory that is a mix of durability and vogue. Heavyweight flannels in earthy tones, made with meticulous Japanese craftsmanship, promise to be a staple. Their raw selvedge denims, perfect for the dropping temperatures, combine ruggedness with a tailored finesse that many jeans lack. The intricate details, from their reinforced stitching to their custom hardware, display a level of dedication that stands out in the crowded market. Keep an eye out for their latest jackets in our retail store. 

2. RRL: Vintage Style with Contemporary Spirit

Inspired by the free spirit of the American west, RRL brings forth an autumn collection that resonates with its heritage. Think vintage-inspired chambray shirts, distressed leather jackets, and intricately detailed knitwear that channels a retro vibe with modern comfort. The brand’s fall pieces not only embody history but also a sense of timeless sophistication, making each garment not just a purchase but an investment.

3. Taylor Stitch: Sartorial Elegance Meets Sustainability

Taylor Stitch has always prioritized two things: impeccable design and sustainable production. This fall, they've continued this tradition with a range of clothing that's as kind to the environment as it is stylish. Their organic cotton shirts in muted autumnal colors, their chore pants made from recycled fibers, and their ever-popular boots crafted sustainably are just a sneak peek into their stellar fall lineup. This is the brand for the man who not only wants to look good but feel good about his fashion choices too.

While each of these brands – Ironheart, RRL, and Taylor Stitch – have distinct narratives and aesthetics, they converge on a shared point: an unwavering commitment to quality. As you prepare to revamp your fall wardrobe, consider these brands not just as clothing labels but as fashion storytellers, each garment weaving tales of heritage, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

This fall, don’t just wear clothes. Don an ethos. Wear a story. Embrace the season with Ironheart’s ruggedness, RRL’s vintage charm, and Taylor Stitch’s sustainable elegance.

Come checkout our selection of each of these brands at Fountainhead NY in Huntington. 

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