Good Art Hlywd - MODEL 10 PENDANT

Good Art Hlywd - MODEL 10 PENDANT

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Pinch the jaws open and you'll just want to do it again. I fidget. I'm not one of those calm, reflective adults. And I mostly dump that energy into making things that calm me. It's lucky I've found this self-soothing cycle. I find magic in the way things move and feel, and I try to put that into everything we make. This one got extra.

Think utility as art, with utility.

The jaws open and close positively. They lock in a removable button. The button has a coin-edge and spins. There's a noodle on the other end. That's where you feed the chain, clip the Spring Ring, connect the cord or hang your keys. We made it, you make it yours. This falls firmly in the middle of wear it/use it. I hope you enjoy it.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in Foundry in Los Angeles.

.925 Sterling Silver

This product is part of a small batch manufacturing run that may use exclusive materials like dead stock fabrics. The product is limited in quantity and may never be in stock again. Limited products are available for immediate shipping.