Taylor Stitch - The Rib Scarf in Oat Heather

Taylor Stitch - The Rib Scarf in Oat Heather

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A linchpin of our cold weather wardrobes, The Rib Scarf calls on 100% baby yak wool in a cozy 3x2 rib to offer all-season warmth in a beautifully understated package.

Farmed in remote, high-elevation conditions by local herders for millennia, yaks shed their downy undercoat every year (this is what’s called “baby yak”). It’s stronger, more sustainable, and just as luxurious in the hand as cashmere and requires no invasive or abusive treatment of the animals.

100% baby yak wool.
Responsible fiber that comes from the downy undercoat of Yaks, which naturally sheds every year.
66" long, 10" wide.
3x2 rib in body, 2x2 rib at ends.
Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
Made in China.

This product is part of a small batch manufacturing run that may use exclusive materials like dead stock fabrics. The product is limited in quantity and may never be in stock again. Limited products are available for immediate shipping.