Good Art Hlywd - Pop Lock Chain Necklace 21"

Good Art Hlywd - Pop Lock Chain Necklace 21"

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In the Good Art tradition of not leaving well enough alone, I‘m very happy to introduce our new paten pending POPLOCK bracelet. This version in Desert Sessions motif.

With a familiar look this pill shaped clasp has a new spring loaded mechanism that works perfectly every time. Easy operation now more fun than ever.

Sterling silver. Made by hand in our foundry in Los Angeles.

  • .925 Sterling Silver 
  • Pop lock ball chain 
  • Hand made in USA 

Sterling Silver

.925 Sterling Silver
Pop lock ball chain
Hand made in USA

This product is part of a small batch manufacturing run that may use exclusive materials like dead stock fabrics. The product is limited in quantity and may never be in stock again. Limited products are available for immediate shipping.